Sichuan Daily: Visiting Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

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SICHUAN, China, Dec. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, reporters have made field trips to the expansion area of Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

Observation tower of the landmark in the extension area.

Observing giant pandas from various angles with the full help of the terrain height difference. Walking into the extension area straightly to the viewing platform, we could see the living houses in circular form for giant pandas scattering among the trees when overlooking. To our right, there is an observation tower like bamboo shoots. A colorful forest in the mountains has also come into our view on the left, where the baby pandas live.

He Xin, the deputy general manager of Chengdu Architectural Design und Research Institute, said, “The expansion area of Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding covers an area of 168.64 hectares, and is leaning against the mountain. It is designed with 8 theme gardens such as ginkgo forest and crape myrtle forest. There are 18 houses for giant panda adults, 2 houses for giant panda cubs, 2 houses for red pandas and 1 house for the golden monkey.”

It is understood that the extension area belongs to the typical shallow hill landform. The builders did not change any of the terrains, taking full advantage of the terrain height difference in order to form a three-dimensional traffic system: the upper layer is the sightseeing road and walking bridge for tourists, the lower layer is the logistics channel, etc. “The extension area of such a design can not only control the flow of people separately but also create an overlooking viewing point to enrich the experience of tourists.”

“Previously, if tourists would like to see giant pandas, they have to keep a distance of three meters. With the expansion area being constructed, tourists could observe the giant pandas from a distance of more than one meter while ensuring the safety of both the giant pandas and the tourists.” According to He Xin, tourists can watch the giant pandas from more angles through different terrain heights, such as looking downwards and upwards.

There are two sightseeing passages at the French windows in the inner field of the enclosure, one is higher, while the other one is lower. Tourists can watch the giant pandas from different angles and distances.

It is worth mentioning that the strip-formed giant panda panorama restaurant surrounded by three panda houses are furnished with floor-to-ceiling glass.

The 69.8m “Spring bamboo shoots tower” is rising up to the sky, overlooking Chengdu downtown. The landmark of the extension area – the observation tower with the shape of as spring shoots has a total height of 69.8 meters and 9 floors, including multiple spaces such as vitality stage, giant panda theater, art gallery, creative library, bamboo leaf tea salon, adventure in time and space, and the viewing platform. The steel structure and glass facade have made the tower look like a bamboo shoot after a spring rain. Guided by hibiscus flowers in the floor space, the tourists would feel as if they were present in a spectacular scene of flowers.

The interior of the giant panda observation tower has a golden glimmer. An ambience of science-fiction is created with layers of stacked metal plates as decoration. Inside the observation tower, there are 81 golden “hibiscus petals” distributed in clusters which are the observation platforms for tourists of the observation tower. 81 platforms for tourists’ sightseeing and leisure are gradually distributed inside the giant panda observation tower, with each one adopting the shape of hibiscus petals – the city flower of Chengdu.

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