Save Planet Earth Crypto Token Aims to Plant 1 Billion Trees

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BRADFORD, England, Aug. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — SavePlanetEarth (SPE) is a prominent driver in carbon sequestration operations and is legally registered in the United Kingdom. SPE has announced that they will be developing their own carbon credit exchange. This new exchange will not only be carbon negative to use but will also be the perfect place for SavePlanetEarth to sell carbon credits in the form of rigorously certified non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The carbon credit exchange is a much-awaited aspect of SavePlanetEarth’s innovative advancements, and it will take the environmental industry by storm. This new infrastructure is not only a place well suited for SPE’s certified carbon credits to be sold and bought but also any other company which needs a platform to sell their own tokens. The profit generated from these carbon credits will be used to fund more carbon sequestration initiatives, thus making SavePlanetEarth financially self-sustaining.

The company director, Imran Ali, wholeheartedly had this to say, “The blockchain makes everything transparently verifiable for everybody involved, which is an excellent feature for regulators and our investors alike. Our ultimate plan with the $SPE token, other than carbon offsets, is for it to be the currency of the carbon exchange we’re developing, where individuals and organizations alike, will be able to use our token to buy carbon credits off of us and other companies that choose to exchange their carbon credits on our market.” $SPE has already been green-lit by a growing number of carbon credit certification bodies and has even received a 100% score from the cryptocurrency industry-leading audit company Certik when their official audit was completed in July.

SavePlanetEarth has achieved many milestones in their first four months, such as tree planting and protecting contracts for one million trees in the Maldives and a hundred million trees in Sri Lanka, in partnership with their governments and various NGOs’s. Beyond this, SPE has also started various beach cleaning, recycling and solar initiatives and is researching many more including hydropower, wind power, clean cookers, gas leak reduction, landfill work and additional tree planting deals. SPE will reach the pledged goal of 1 billion trees planted within a decade.

“101 million trees is just the beginning,” said Imran, emphasizing the need to gear up SavePlanetEarth’s operations in the face of a mounting climate crisis. He is currently on the road travelling from country to country attending meetings with various governments and NGO’s interested in the SavePlanetEarth project. At the moment he is in Turkey to speak to their environmental ministry about the recent wildfire problems they have been having and how SPE can help. Imran is also meeting with TEMA, an environmental NGO in the region that has shown interest in teaming up with SPE. After Turkey, Imran has many more countries on his schedule to visit including Dubai, China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, as well as a return to the Maldives and Sri Lanka. Imran has also confirmed a visit to Pakistan as he is set to be involved with their 10 billion tree planting goal. There has been a lot of excitement and speculation about how much of that project SPE will take on.

SavePlanetEarth aims to facilitate the overall global reduction of carbon emissions through reforestation (tree cover), renewable energy production, cleaning the environment, and marine management with governmental and military assistance, international aid organizations, and the public. Additionally, SPE also encourages and advocates eco-friendly habits and lifestyles in both household and corporate occupations. This movement has already garnered support from individuals and groups both small and large.

According to SPE, their tree planting and protection initiatives are to be monitored in real-time by its team as well as by those residing in the area, including locals, administrative officials, and delegates. SPE is also developing a revolutionary application feature to utilize satellite technology, geospatial algorithms, and AI to monitor green canopy cover (an indicator of tree health and carbon sequestered) in locations where SPE sequestration projects occur. Presented to be “cost-effective, clean, proven (verified) and low on resource and energy consumption”, these trees can be incorporated into multi-functional forest production and can also provide economic incentives for sustainable forest management.

SavePlanetEarth was founded in April 2021 by Imran Ali to combat environmental pollution using a sustainable model which utilizes blockchain technology. SavePlanetEarth is quickly growing globally with an ever-expanding circle of partnership with nation-states and other organizations. SPE is widely available as their offsetting services are available for anybody around the world that has access to the internet. SPE is preferable for its credible team full of experience in the environmental sector, its insistence on everything being done to regulatory standards, and its commitment to effecting positive change for the future of our climate.

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