RestoTracker Unveils New Age Asset Tracking And Management System

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Feb. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — has launched RestoTracker, a modern asset tracking and management system that has given a shot in the arm to companies that can now track their highest value assets like equipment, vehicles, and employees without any hassle.

Business owners and team leaders working on various projects already have many crucial responsibilities on their hands. In addition, the task of keeping track of equipment, vehicles, as well as employees can be daunting. Traditionally companies have had to rely on manual logging and tedious paperwork to handle the responsibility. But there was no alternative because these are high-value assets, which are huge investments for companies, big and small.

“The Leader in Asset Tracking & Theft Recovery Devices”

That’s where the smart tracking and management system by comes into the picture. Quite simply, RestoTracker is designed to offer the best protection for all businesses. By keeping track of their vehicles and equipment, companies can minimize lost or stolen inventory. They can also eliminate the dreary process of logging and cut out the need for paperwork. In fact, results show that businesses can accelerate payments and win more audits too.

At the heart of RestoTracker is a simple yet advanced wireless technology that is actually low cost. With the help of this tracker, companies can automatically track their vehicles, expensive equipment, as well as valuable manpower. Moreover, the data will be electronically logged so that business owners, project leaders, etc. can focus on numerous other tasks they have on their hands while taking their companies to the next level by promoting growth and profitability.

RestoTracker portal ensures that the location of assets is recorded in near-real-time. These data feeds can keep businesses on top of things even when their assets are on the road. They can also draw customized reports from the data to figure out which of their employees, equipment, and vehicles are or have been on the job site. Thus it offers businesses all the information they need right at their fingertips while eliminating the need for any other type of telematics system for vehicle tracking.

In the past, these telematics systems have become the bane of existence for businesses because they are clunky to use and expensive too. But that’s not the case with RestoTracker, which has a smart in-vehicle communicator. With the help of this communicator business owners can get information on real-time GPS positions as well as mapping service reports. As a result, companies can keep track of their vehicles’ movements and get reports on any events too.

One of the highlights of the tracker is that it uses long-life battery-operated job site communicators and tags. It ensures that there is a record of the location of all equipment without the need for power or any kind of communication from the site. But RestoTracker is not just about the equipment and vehicles. It can also track employee locations through their tablets or Smartphones for that matter. There will be an automatic record of their coming and leaving from the site for easy and efficient log-less tracking.

It’s important to remember that those manual logging tasks are not only cumbersome but can also lead to huge errors. has ensured that business owners don’t have to deal with those hassles to ascertain that their valuable assets are not stolen. And in case, for some reason they are stolen, the GPS system allows them to track the vehicles without any hassle. Thus it has offered business owners a way to rest easy, get paid faster, and focus on the task of growing their business.

Those interested in benefiting from the new age tracking system can sign up and order communicators and tags. They can get the portal setup, place communicators in each truck and warehouse, attach Bluetooth tags to each piece of equipment, and let the system do the tracking and reporting for them automatically. The Bluetooth tags are built to be waterproof and dust resistant, with IP67, rated housing to protect them from high-pressure spray, up to 30 minutes in one-meter water and extreme temperatures.

There are initial hardware costs and service fees involved and also offers volume pricing as well as leasing options for hardware. But for the peace of mind, the safety of high-value assets, and the elimination of tedious and error-prone manual logging processes, RestoTracker is a fabulous investment that ends up saving businesses huge costs in the long run.

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The modern asset tracking and management system is designed to help companies keep track of their highest value assets including equipment, vehicles, and employees without the tedious process of manual logging.

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