Producer Of 100% Raw, Organic Dog Supplements Designed To Detox Dogs Naturally To Be Featured Exhibitor At Pet Industry’s Premier Trade Show, Super Zoo

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Dogevity™ is an exclusive proprietary formula of raw, organic herbs created by a licensed naturopathic physician, veterinarian and registered pharmacologist.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Aug. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Wendy Stevens, renowned Guerrilla Marketing Expert and Founder of Dogevity™, announced today that the company will be a featured exhibitor at SuperZoo, the pet industry’s premiere trade show and conference. SuperZoo will be held August 23-25 at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas.

Kevin Harrington, the Original Shark of the hit TV show Shark Tank, is also an investor and business partner in the company with Wendy Stevens. Kevin endorses and promotes Dogevity™ products.

Dogevity™’s proprietary formula of 100% raw, organic herbs is designed to daily detoxify a dog’s liver and kidneys while giving them the extra immunity boost they need. Dogevity™ supports a dog’s health while they recover from illness, injury, trauma, surgery and disease. Dogevity™ provides a unique gift to dog owners: a FREE one-year supply of lab-certified Urine Test Strips that serve as an early warning system for their dog’s health. These accurate, lab-certified strips provide vital information in 10 parameters of their health that veterinarians depend on. Dogevity™ test strips put the power to guard and protect dogs’ health where it belongs, in their owners’ hands.

The company provides an unconditional 100% money back guarantee including a FREE 1-year supply of urine test strips.

The company’s podcast, The Dogevity™ Show: Tales & Tails From the Pack, will debut live and in person from the SuperZoo trade show floor.

Hosted by Wendy LaTorre, inspirational podcast host and Director of Events for Dogevity™. This podcast will feature inspiring stories and practical information of great interest to dog lovers and owners, as well as inspirational, first-hand heart-felt stories to touch, move and inspire dog lovers every where.

While broadcasting at SuperZoo, Dogevity™ will be conducting interviews with celebrities, influencers and notable pet industry titans. Live interviews in the company’s podcast booth on the showroom floor include Kevin Harrington, the Original Shark from the hit TV Show Shark Tank, Destiny Malibu, American Idol alum, Dr. Adam Christman, TikTok’s #1 Veterinarian and many more celebrities and major dog influencers.

The Dogevity Show:

Dogevity™ views its debut at the SuperZoo event as a prime opportunity to network and develop strategic, mutually beneficial alliances with other companies in the pet industry and further its mission to help dogs live healthier, happier, longer lives.

“Dogevity™ was born out of watching too many friends and families walking having to tell their children that they’re going to “put Max down”.

The company was founded by Wendy Stevens, whose own dog Rudy at 13 months old developed a 104 fever and stop eating and drinking. After 3 weeks and $21,000 with Rudy on an IV with 4 different vets, no one had any answers, explanation or diagnosis. Wendy was introduced to the holistic veterinarian, naturopathic, pathologist who developed the Dogevity™ life-changing formula. After picking up her puppy and carrying him outside, within 30 days, Wendy got her happy, playful puppy back!”

Wendy has a 22-year track record of success as an online entrepreneur and co-authored the Best of Guerrilla Marketing with the late great Conrad Levinson and Seth Godin. Wendy now dedicates 100% of her time, energy and focus to Dogevity™ and dog lovers everywhere.

Since recommending it to hundreds of friends and family members over several years, she decided, with her marketing skills, it was her responsibility when that veterinarian retired to buy the life-changing formula to reach every dog lover that wanted to guard and protect their dog’s health. This Dogevity 100% raw organic herbal detox formula gives dogs a fighting chance against illness, injury and disease. Wendy’s mission is to make sure every dog lover doesn’t have to waste tens of thousands of dollars on unnecessary expensive visits to the vet or needlessly put their beloved dog down for a preventable illness.

More information about Dogevity™ is available here:

About Dogevity™

Dogevity™ offers dog owners a proprietary formula of 100% raw, organic herbs designed to daily detoxify their dogs’ liver and kidneys while also giving them a powerful immune system boost.

Created by a licensed naturopathic physician, veterinarian, and registered pharmacologist, Dogevity™ supports dogs’ health while they recover from illness, injury, trauma, surgery, and disease.

Dogevity™ is more than a product, it is a movement. Together, we help more dog owners understand the life-giving properties of these 100% raw organic herbs detox.

Dogevity™ Team is based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Our talented All-Star executive marketing team is spread across the US and the globe.

About SuperZoo

Billed as “a marketplace at the crossroads of pet culture and pet business”, SuperZoo is the pet industry’s premier trade show and conference. It offers industry professionals from across the globe the chance to network with each other.

More information about SuperZoo is available here:

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