Pattern Ag amplifies analytics tool to predict the presence of foliar diseases in corn and soybeans

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  • Complete Bio Panel now includes new field analysis for corn with Tar Spot, Gray Leaf Spot, Northern Corn Leaf Blight, Goss’s Wilt, Bacterial Leaf Streak, and Diplodia Ear Rot. The report also includes Charcoal Rot, Cercospora Blight, Frogeye Leaf Spot, and Anthracnose for soybeans.
  • By knowing which fields are infected, farmers can select resistant hybrids before planting, strategically scout for disease during the growing season, and plan treatments in advance if needed to minimize crop damage and reduce the risk of yield loss.
  • When farmers know which foliar disease their field has tested positive for, they can apply the proper fungicide in a targeted manner, eliminating costly yield loss and minimizing unnecessary applications.

EMERYVILLE, Calif., Aug. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pattern Ag, the leader in Predictive Ag technology, announced the addition of corn and soybean foliar diseases to its groundbreaking Complete Bio Panel for fall 2023.

Previously, the Complete Bio Panel focused on soil-borne pests and diseases. These additions will add detection for damaging above-ground pathogens of corn and soybeans, including Tar Spot, Gray Leaf Spot, Northern Corn Leaf Blight, Goss’s Wilt, Charcoal Rot, Cercospora Blight, Frogeye Leaf Spot, and more. The updated analytics gives farmers more predictive insights than ever before about the presence of these diseases so they can take proactive measures to mitigate risks and protect their crops before they plant. 

U.S. farmers lose an average of 2 billion bushels of corn and 350 million bushels of soybeans yearly to pests and pathogens. With the new analytics in the Complete Bio Panel, Pattern Ag can help farmers predict and prevent more than 70% of those losses.

“No other company can offer such integrated testing to predict what risks farmers face in the coming growing season,” Danielle Watts, vice president of data, said. “This data can positively impact their in-season crop scouting plans and narrow their focus when selecting hybrids, varieties, and fungicides.” 

By knowing the presence of pathogens in advance, farmers can select disease-resistant hybrids, plan in-season scouting activities, and apply fungicides or other treatments as needed to avoid yield loss.

“Pattern Ag is the leader in understanding field biology and using those insights to help farmers boost yield and maximize profits,” said Cam Norgate, Co-founder and Vice President of Product. “Our scientific breakthroughs are transforming agriculture by helping farmers address the unknown risks they face every season. Adding these damaging foliar diseases to our Complete Bio Panel highlights our dedication to helping farmers predict and plan for their most important decisions.”

Pattern Ag analyzes the biology of soil from across the Midwest and around the world. With the largest metagenomic database in the world, Pattern Ag ties field biology to agronomic outcomes and uses that to deliver the most agronomically relevant insights for crop protection, seed selection, and fertility planning. These newest analytics will be made available for all past and future Complete Bio orders in the U.S. at no extra charge and will be available later this month in the Pattern Ag Dashboard. To learn more, visit

PatternAg, Inc.
Founded in 2018, Pattern envisions a future where conventional agricultural inputs are enhanced and eventually replaced by precision microbiome engineering, improving farm productivity and sustainability. Pattern Ag’s corporate office is headquartered in Emeryville, California, with field teams throughout the Midwest. Pattern Ag uses analytics to help farmers optimize their spending on crop protection, seed selection, and fertility inputs while improving the long-term productivity of their land. To learn more, visit

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