New Water Heater from France Puts U.S. Homeowners in Hot Water Heaven

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HOUSTON, Sept. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — American homeowners are among the first in the world to enjoy access to a revolutionary new water heater that installs as easily as a conventional tank water heater yet operates like a tankless – and is built to last for 30 years.

Meet the Essency EXR, the world's first on-demand tank water heater. Available through Ferguson plumbing supply centers and many professional plumbing and home services contractors in a growing number of states and metro areas. Call 888-229-6285 for more information in your area.

Designed for people who crave hot water on demand when and where they want it, and at the same comfortable temperature setting all the time, the Essency EXR water heater is making a giant splash in the U.S. water heating market as the World’s First On-Demand Tank Water Heater – a product so new and yet functional that industry experts are hailing it as the all-around best choice for a new residential water heater on the market.

To get information on the EXR now, call 888-229-6285.

“The EXR brings water heater technology into the modern age, giving homeowners a new water heater option that has it all – great all-around on-demand performance, powerful enough to handle all the daily multi-tasking demands for hot water for showering, shaving, dishwashing, and clothes-washing, all at once or intermittently,” says Scott Isaksen, national sales director, Essency Water Heaters North America. “It will still be on duty long after the kids are gone to college and the mortgage is paid off. And it has very low ongoing maintenance requirements. We believe it’s what Americans want in a water heater, so we’re making it a priority to get it into American homes first.”

The EXR comes equipped with a polymer storage tank that serves as a thermal battery used to transfer energy to the domestic water as it passes through a large, stainless steel heat exchanger. The hot water entering the household system is thus always fresh from the tap, heated only on demand – boosting the EXR’s standing as a more energy-efficient alternative to conventional tank water heaters.

The EXR is the only water heater most people will ever need.

Made of special polymers, the double-insulated tank is designed to withstand the tests of both time and continuous use. The tank is virtually indestructible under normal operating conditions, says Isaksen. Its polymer construction ensures that it won’t rust out, as is common with metal tanks, and because water stored in the tank isn’t continuously replenished with new water (laden with new minerals), it’s highly resistant to the type of scale buildup that causes operational and service problems in ordinary water heaters. As a result, the EXR is anode-rod free – relieving homeowners of the ongoing requirement of changing out the anode rod as on their conventional tank product.

At just 102 pounds dry weight, the Essency EXR is both easy to install and easy to maintain over its long life. It sets up easier than a conventional tank water heater, using common plumbing and electrical fittings and connections, making it a simple and economical replacement for an existing gas or electric tank water heater. It also beats out the tankless-type water heater, gas or electric, as the preferred choice for homeowners who want hot water on demand, but without the extravagantly expensive infrastructure buildouts often required for a tankless unit. It’s also easy to manage, with WiFi- and app-enabled controls to use for functions such as Vacation Mode. It even sends diagnostic alerts to homeowners!

The EXR is distributed exclusively through Ferguson plumbing supply centers in an ever-expanding number of key markets and states throughout the U.S. For more information, visit the Essency home page,, see the Ferguson EXR online catalogue listing at .

Contact: Doug Hovelson, [email protected], 612-998-0789

The new Essency EXR water heater, the world's first on-demand tank water heater, gives people everything they want in a residential water heater - and more. Hot water on demand, from an easily installed tank-type water heater - it's even app-enabled for ease of homeowner operation!

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