Mona Lee: Launches New AI Technology To Disrupt The Billion Dollar Solar Industry

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Mona Lee is a climate-tech company dedicated to using AI to reduce the cost of adopting clean energy products.

BOSTON , Dec. 30, 2022  /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The United States has been going through what experts call the Solar+ age. According to data published by the Solar Energy Industries Association or the SEIA, solar in the US has witnessed an average annual growth rate of 33% in the last decade.

Many factors have been responsible for driving the growth, including robust policies at a federal level, such as the solar investment tax credit and increasing demand for clean and sustainable energy sources across the public and private sectors. It is no wonder, therefore, that more than 130 gigawatts (GW) of solar capacity have been installed across the nation, capable of powering nearly 23 million homes.

The Solar Industry Bottlenecks in the US

The solar industry has been keen to remove unnecessary cost-bearing intermediaries for some time. For instance, in the European Union, an increasing base of people is investing their money in projects such as solar and wind farms and showing interest in community-based financing schemes such as crowdfunding and renewable energy cooperatives. However, the presence of intermediaries in the sales process is still evident.

Another bottleneck is the lengthy and laborious assessment process before applying the solution. Installers need time and resources to analyze the roof, how much sunlight it gets, and its energy use pattern before creating a customized solar proposal and design to optimize the daylight on the customer’s roof.

Mona Lee: Optimizing the ‘Solar’

Mona Lee attempts rigorously to solve many of these challenges. The approach is not arbitrary. It has a well-laid-out outlook, structurally, about solving these challenges. To add credibility to its claim, Mona Lee has partnered with local installers that have fulfilled over 150k installations across 12 states.

The AI Capabilities of Mona Lee

The proprietary AI software of Mona Lee allows it to reduce the involvement of salespeople in the process and pass the savings directly onto the customers, the homeowners. The Mona Lee AI Bot can quickly analyze the roof, how much sunlight it gets, and the homeowner’s energy usage pattern to create a custom solar proposal and design. All a homeowner is asked to do is fill out a simple 30-second survey.

Once the custom proposal is ready, the homeowner receives one transparent quote through the AI bot, removing the potential presence of any salespeople. And once the homeowner agrees to the quote, Mona Lee handles the installation process.

Mona Lee: Installation at Half Price

The traditional process of solar solution deployment starts with a lengthy information collection session, followed by a two-day long processing of the information that ends with the provider coming up with a manual design of the custom plan. Next comes the role of the salespeople who try to push for the project and the quote with many other cost-incurring ‘value additions.’ Despite the long effort put into assessing the scope and devising a design strategy, the traditional solar companies charge almost double what Mona Lee does. On average, other solar company installations cost US$3.3 per watt, while Mona Lee only costs as low as US$1.68 for each watt.

The Mona Lee Differentiator

By replacing a lengthy and costly process with AI, Mona Lee wanted to achieve a larger objective. It aimed to change the perception of anything ‘solar’ by making it affordable and taking aggressive salespeople out of the scene. It wanted to make solar processes easy to understand and transparent without snatching away the efficiency. And that’s why Mona Lee came up with the ‘Mona Lee Guarantee.’

Mona Lee Guarantee

  • Dedicated Point of Contact: Mona Lee ensures that only one representative manages everything for a customer. When it says ‘everything,’ it includes permission to operate, installation, warranties, and monitoring.
  • 25-Year Warranty: Unlike its peers, the Mona Lee warranty covers inverters, solar panels, panel performance, and labor for as long as 25 years.
  • Additional 2-Million Dollar Coverage: The additional 2-million-dollar coverage, over and above the manufacturer warranty, helps keep the customer in peace with the assurance that there will be no issues for the next 25 years.

Apart from service guarantees, product-wise, Mona Lee’s offerings include solar panels, microinverters, and top tier batteries. For instance, its all-black tier-1 solar panel is one of the most efficient in the market. It also offers a premium microinverter with a 24/7 monitoring application. Its premium Tesla Powerwall serves as a backup battery for efficient energy storage.

Moving Forward With Mona Lee

Mona Lee has the most straightforward onboarding process possible. All the homeowners need to do is input their address and monthly energy cost to receive an instant quote. The AI leverages millions of data points before developing the most optimal solution. Once the user agrees to a plan, it is cancellable till the point a permit is submitted. The user stays eligible for a full refund until that point.

The purchase of Mona Lee solutions may entitle the homeowner to state and federal tax credits and other local utility incentives. These often come in the form of a rebate, claimable at or after the purchase, or tax credit to be claimed when filing income taxes.

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