London NGO Wells On Wheels Ropes In Actor Sanjay Kapoor For Rural Upliftment In India

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MUMBAI, India, March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Indian film actor and producer, Sanjay Kapoor announces his partnership with UK based charitable institute Wells on Wheels (WOW) founded by dental marketer Shaz Memon.

Sanjay Kapoor with rural women for Wells On Wheels

As part of this association, Sanjay Kapoor will commit towards the goal of upliftment of rural areas in India with a vision to transform the lives of women and children and thereby disrupt the vicious cycle of poverty. He will also be supporting the charity by attending the exclusive charity event ‘For the Chosen Few’ which will be held at a top-secret location on the 24th of May 2022 in London.

Elaborating further on his maiden innings as a brand ambassador for an NGO, Sanjay Kapoor states, India is no stranger to water scarcity amongst the country’s underprivileged. It’s something many of us have seen since we were children. As climate change impacts the global water crisis, there is seemingly no let up as water becomes harder to source locally. To see girls as young as 6 years old carrying heavy water on their head in the heat in a 21st-century world is not only heart-breaking but also unacceptable. Unfortunately, however, these girls are often locked in a vicious cycle of poverty. They desperately want to study and create a better future for themselves, but the burden of their community’s survival lies heavily on their shoulders as they transport water from wells many kilometres from home, snatching away precious childhood. I am a huge believer in giving access to education to the disadvantaged societies of India.As a doting father to a daughter, this injustice is unbearable. When I first read of the work carried out by Wells on Wheels and heard about Shaz Memon’s vision, I was completely blown away by how the innovative Water Wheel is changing lives for these girls in a huge way.  One wheel allows 5 times more water to be collected in one trip, without having to headload, completely freeing up young girls to study. I applaud Wells on Wheels work and want them to make as much progress as they can until pipelines make their way to these villages. I want to see more girls from impoverished communities see a light at the end of the tunnel, shining brightly upon a promising future.”

Inspired by the birth of his daughter, Shaz Memon took on the onus of helping women and children in rural India who shoulder the daily burden of transporting heavy buckets of water to their communities.  He explains, “My daughter was blessed to be born in the UK where we don’t give a second thought to the source of our water consumption. WOW is my attempt to address the imbalance and to improve the lives of women and children who are not so fortunate. We have commenced our drive in Maharashtra and will now be looking at diversification in North India.”

Whilst the accessibility to wells in rural India has vastly improved in the past two decades, typically water is carried by balancing metal pails on heads which attracts multiple health concerns as well as barriers to education. The physical loading can lead to musculoskeletal disorders, such as neck or back pain, and even risks lifelong disability. Additionally, the time spent moving water from source to communities has an impact on school hours for the young girls. Children, too, are tasked with walking in heat of up to 40°C to fetch water – sometimes they are as young as seven years old.

About Wells On Wheels (WOW)

WOW has been providing communities with innovative water wheels since its inception in June 2019. An estimated 2,000 young girls have been attending school as a result of not having to carry pails of water. Providing rolling barrels to areas throughout India means they can now pull water from wells back to their communities in just one journey instead of four to five, freeing up time for young girls and boys to attend the village school and giving them an opportunity to have a brighter future. The carts have a capacity to carry 45 litres of water at one go and are easy to pull. The cart has a large round leak-proof drum with a cap made out of a food-grade human-safe high-density polyethylene, which can be rolled along the ground for easier transport. The carts can handle wear and tear for upto 7,000km.

The NGO distributed 266 carts in six villages of Nashik district namely Dhaur, Umareshwar Vasti, Thangaon, Dahiwad, Shirsate and Sangamner at the hands of members of the British rock band ‘Alexis Kings’ during their maiden visit to the country.

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