Liquiclear is Revolutionising Water Purification in India

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NEW DELHI, Feb. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In the face of this global water crisis, water conservation is inevitable. From heavy rains leading to devastating floods to droughts resulting in water scarcity, India is facing an unprecedented water crisis. With an estimated 600 million people experiencing high to extreme water stress, and nearly 200,000 people dying annually due to inadequate access to safe water, now is the time to take swift and decisive action.

Liquiclear's team showcasing LDI Water Purifier at Water Expo 2022 Hyderabad

Liquiclear, a young water technology start-up, is revolutionising the water purification & softening landscape with its Liqui Deionization (LDI) technology. Since its founding in December 2020, Liquiclear has worked hard to find and implement novel strategies for providing safe, clean, and mineral-rich drinking water to all of India’s citizens at or above the World Health Organization’s recommended quality.

Mr. B.B Bhalla, Chairman of Liquiclear Technologies Pvt. Ltd., said, “We are dedicated to providing water purification solutions that are efficient, affordable and effective. Our fundamental belief resonates with the vision of PM Narendra Modi, that is, ‘Let’s reaffirm our pledge to save every drop of water’ on World Water Day 2022. We are working in complete alignment with the directives of the National Water Mission which focuses on water conservation and minimising wastage. We are confident that our Liqui Deionization (LDI) technology will play a key role in helping us achieve our goal of providing clean and mineral-rich water to everyone.”

Mr. Chirag Bhalla, Founder of Liquiclear Technologies Pvt. Ltd., said, “Liquiclear is delighted to be a pioneer in water purification and softening, delivering safe and clean drinking water to all Indians. I’m proud to work for Liquiclear and its innovative LDI technology as a young innovator. We aim to provide naturally pure water to all Indian communities. We offer the most efficient, affordable, and ecological water purification solutions. Our products will improve people’s lives worldwide.”

Liquiclear Works on four principles:


Liquiclear always endeavours to provide the highest possible quality of purity with home, commercial, and industrial water purification systems through intensive scientific research and revolutionary water technology.


With the help of LDI technology, Liquiclear is able to minimise both environmental consequences and operational costs.


Affordability is the motto of Liquiclear while maintaining the highest possible quality of purity in comparison to those offered by other companies in the industry.


Liquiclear offers comprehensive and customised water purification solutions. They work closely with the customer throughout the process – from installation to after-sales service.

Liquiclear water purifiers are powered by a unique water purification & softening technology – Liqui Deionization (LDI), which purifies water and while retaining natural minerals in the water. This system saves 80-85% more water than existing water purification & softening technologies.

For every 5000 litres of water production per day, LDI saves 1500 litres daily, and annually, LDI holds 1500 x 365 = 5,47,500 litres of water per year.


  • LDI™(Liqui Deionization Water Purifier)
  • LDISF™(Electronic Water Softener)
  • Resin Based Water Softener (Auto/Manual)
  • Bathroom Water Softeners

Liquiclear has participated in some of the country’s most prominent Water Expos and exhibitions to demonstrate LDI technology while also engaging with prestigious ministries and government entities in India to help realise the goal of delivering naturally pure, mineral-rich water to every Indian at the lowest possible cost. Liquiclear is expanding across the country. Following its success in Karnataka, it is swiftly spreading into Telangana and Hyderabad. The competence and innovation of Liquiclear will evolve the nation.

With its Liqui Deionization (LDI) technology, Liquiclear is determined to make a difference and help solve the water crisis in India.

About Liquiclear:

Liquiclear is a one-stop solution for all water purification and water softening. With years of experience and a vision of providing every citizen with clean, mineral-rich water without waste, we offer Liqui Deionization (LDI) Technology, water purification and softening technology that retains a significant amount of natural minerals in the water while saving up to 80% of the water. LDI water purification technology is an energy efficient process that utilizes electrodes to remove ion species from aqueous solutions.

Our water experts are highly skilled and work hard to stay current on industry developments. We take great pleasure in our commitment to quality, dependability, and customer satisfaction, which makes us the recommended choice for water purification and softening solutions.

We are on a mission to provide comprehensive solutions, end-to-end installation, and after-sales assistance while also raising public awareness about the dangers of other harmful water technologies.

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