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  • Over 1000 early childhood educators from Kinderland, ELFA Preschool, NurtureStars, and Skool4Kidz attended the event on 3 July
  • Professional Development Day 2023 empowered educators with practical tips and strategies to enhance their overall wellness

SINGAPORE, July 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Kinderland, in collaboration with ELFA Preschool, NurtureStars, and Skool4Kidz, successfully hosted the Professional Development Day (PD Day) 2023 on 3 July 2023 at Hall 2A, Singapore Expo. Organised by KLC International Institute, a leading institute in early childhood education and professional development, the momentous event brought together over 1000 early childhood educators with the aim of providing them with valuable tools and strategies to thrive in high-pressure environments.

With the theme “Honouring Our Pillars of Strength: Propelling Excellence Through Supporting your Wellness and Well-being,” PD Day 2023 focused on acknowledging the vital role educators play in the early childhood industry. In the face of an evolving world, this sector demands adaptability in often unprecedented teaching conditions, while prioritising the well-being of students. Recognising the detrimental effects of workplace stress and the significance of self-care, the event aimed to enhance educators’ overall personal well-being, ensuring the delivery of consistent and quality education for future generations.

PD Day 2023 witnessed a remarkable turnout of over 1000 dedicated educators, gathering at the event bright and early on a Monday morning, marking the largest attendance since the group’s inaugural combined training in 2017. Dr Carol Loy, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development at Kinderland, ELFA, and NurtureStars, warmly welcomed the attendees and set the stage for the day by sharing insights from an in-house survey on well-being. She highlighted that the in-house survey done during June 2022, revealed a significant finding: 90% of our teachers acknowledged an increase in responsibilities and workload after the reopening of schools. Dr. Loy expressed her hopes that the sessions throughout the day would empower the educators to further cultivate their strengths and equip them with practical tools and strategies to nurture their emotional, physical, and social well-being, saying: “We hope that through today’s session, you will continue to build on your strengths and take home some practical tools and strategies to care for yourselves emotionally, physically and socially.”

Teachers were also addressed by Ms Marion Mony, Director of Programme and Professional Development at Skool4Kidz.  She introduced the 3Ps approach to well-being — Physical, Psychological and Professional. Physical wellness was about building healthy habits such as eating and sleeping well, and paying attention to one’s own body. Psychological wellness was about meeting mental health needs and giving time for one to discharge stressful emotions, while Professional wellness was about seeking professional and personal development through learning and reflection.

Throughout the day, educators were encouraged to share their real-life experiences with each other and through this, learned to enhance their professional growth. Kevin Wong, Founder and Head Consultant of E3Sports Asia and Shawn Quck, a certified mental wellness and health coach, conducted five workshops for the combined training, starting off with “Stress and Fatigue Management”, which aimed to help participants understand the effects of stress and fatigue on their overall wellbeing. Relaxation and stretching exercises were also taught to help manage these conditions. “Mindfulness – A Simple, Evidence-based Method to Bring More Calm into Your Life” emphasised the importance of mental well-being with evidence-based techniques for cultivating calm and managing stress in daily life. Teachers were also taught how to provide peer support to their fellow educators with “Positive Relationships and Peer Support at Workplaces (Mental Wellness)”. The workshop taught attendees how to recognise changes in their colleagues, demonstrate empathy in conversations and how to maintain their own well-being while supporting others.

Besides mental-wellness, trainers also conducted workshops on food and nutrition, to empower attendees with the knowledge to make the best decisions for their physical health. “Busted: Diet and Food Myths” debunked common misconceptions about food and diet myths, while “Food Label Reading Smart” guided participants through the process of understanding ‘Healthier Choice’ symbols and how to use the Healthy 365 app. The day ended off on a high with an energetic Zumba class conducted by Siti Zhywee, a certified personal trainer, and Junyang Julian, a fitness instructor. In recognition of outstanding participation, 15 deserving individuals from various schools were awarded prizes, honouring them as the “Best Participants of the Day”. This gesture celebrated their exceptional in engagement and contribution during the event.

The annual combined training not only empowered early childhood educators with the know-how on how to manage well-being, but also provided a platform for them to interact and learn with others in the industry. Mr Seet Lee Kiang, General Manager, Early Childhood Division at Crestar Education Group said: “This training day gave our educators a chance to renew their relationships with each other and refresh themselves with new knowledge and skills. As the industry continues to evolve, emotionally and socially proficient teachers will be poised to develop a healthy student environment, which directly translates to quality student care.”

During the Personal Development Day 2023, educators were deeply engaged in the various sessions and left with a renewed sense of purpose. Michelle Ang Qiu Yan, Centre Leader of Kinderland Preschool @ Ministry of Manpower, expressed her gratitude for the event, saying, “Attending PD Day has been an incredibly uplifting experience. It has reminded me of the importance of prioritising my own well-being as an educator. The practical tools and strategies shared today have empowered me to better navigate the challenges I face in the classroom and take care of myself holistically. I am excited to bring this renewed energy and knowledge back to my students, ensuring a positive and nurturing learning environment for their growth.” Her sentiment echoed the overarching thoughts among the attendees, highlighting the significant impact of Personal Development Day in supporting the well-being and professional growth of educators.

Kinderland is one of Singapore’s leading provider of quality infant care and bilingual preschool education for children 2 months to 6 years of age. For more information about Kinderland, please visit https://kinderland.com.sg.

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