Jinergy’s light-weight module 2.0 boosts upgrading of green buildings in Europe

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TAIYUAN, China, July 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — One of main paths for achieving the goal of zero carbon emissions and improving the energy structure in the European region is to develop energy-saving buildings. As a Chinese stated-owned new-energy company having strong presence in the European market, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (“Jinergy” or “Company”) has been always devoted to cost reduction and efficiency improvement based on high-efficiency heterojunction (HJT) and has recently launched its products of Universe and Development Series, including the new upgraded 182mm new light-weight module products which are more suitable for the market of distributed products, providing a new high-quality solution for the development of energy-saving buildings in Europe.

Green buildings constitute an integral part of the market of distributed products as well as one of the key sectors to which Jinergy pays close attention. The light-weight PV modules of the new type, with the feature of light weight and those excellent ones developed from regular modules, can not only meet the demands of the market of distributed products but also eliminate the pain points existing in regular modules, like heavy weight, large area, difficulty in matching with the load bearing capacity of a roof and later-stage operation and maintenance, as well as guarantee the profitability of customers and the reliability of products. The significantly optimized weight and size and the convenient installation, operation and maintenance allow the new products to have wide applications and especially advantages in the renovation of industrial and commercial factory buildings. At present, the series of light-weight module 1.0, launched for the first time, has made a breakthrough in its shipment in Southeast Asia, whose good qualities such as reducing input costs and improving power generation efficiency per household have been well accepted by customers in the Southeast Asia region, constantly injecting new vitality into the low-carbon transformation of this region.

While developing green buildings, Europe is confronted with two problems. One is the expensive labor costs which significantly increase the expenses of installation and operation and maintenance at later stages. The other is the high requirements for safety, aesthetic degree, profitability, and carbon footprint of products, which dramatically decrease the number of standard-compliant PV products and further reduce the options in the market.

The brand-new version 108 light-weight modules recently launched by Jinergy is upgraded from those of the light-weight module series 2.0, which adopt silicon wafers of large size (182mm), improving the power to 415W and the efficiency to 21.3% and more focusing on the demands of the European market for high quality installation. It is worth mentioning that this brand-new module with the size of a standard module in the industry only has the weight of 15.5kg and this optimized light weight decreases by 25%+ when compared with that of a product of the same type and is able to satisfy the demands of most roofs for installation designs. In respect of weight, the weight of a mainstream distributed product in the market is approximately 21kg, which is also the industry-recognized reasonable weight carried by a single person, and the weight of the new product (15.5kg only) further decreases the difficulty in installation, operation, and maintenance by a single person and reduces the relevant labor costs. As for safety, the new product has passed the 25mm-hail load test and reached the load requirements for front face (5,400Pa) and back face (2,400Pa), which can cope with most climatic conditions. The power of 415W and the power generation efficiency of 21.3% make the new products belong to the first echelon of distributed products, which can bring higher power generation profits to customers. For the 182mm new light-weight module products, full-black appearance can be customized to meet the demand of high-end customers in Europe for aesthetic degree.

To sum up, Jinergy has new upgraded its light-weight modules, multi-dimensionally made distributed products with lower carbon, higher safety, and more convenience, and exploited new PV application schemes for roofs. By virtue of its advantage of origin of manufacturing inland, Jinergy is able to deliver products to customers in Europe within 30 days via a ChinaEurope freight train, to help customers lower their logistics costs and overseas storage risks, efficiently boost the implementation of partnership projects, and fully guarantee the supply to customers, finally for the purpose of boosting the upgrading of the green buildings in Europe.

Jinergy, as a representative of Chinese state-owned new-energy enterprises, has strong presence and makes commitment to taking state-of-the-art technologies as the core, and focuses on customer service upgrading, to provide long-term guarantee for customers in respect of such key interests as product supply, project operation and maintenance, and financial security, bring efficient and reliable and diversified products to customers, and also reduce cooperative and commercial risks.

In the future, Jinergy will develop more customized products based on market demands with the open attitude towards cooperation under the product development idea “PHENOMENAL PERFORMANCE” through technological innovations, as well as constantly perfecting the product ecosystem, and solving the problems in specific applications. The Company devotes itself to exploring products with high application value and bringing environment-friendly, high-yield, and zero-carbon emission experience to customers.

About Jinergy

Founded on December 31, 2013, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (“Jinergy”) is one of companies of Jinneng Holding Power Group, a coal giant ranking the third place in the world and the second in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). As a stated-owned enterprise boasting the earliest development and operation, largest installed capacity, and strongest manufacturing capability in Shanxi Province, PRC, Jinergy has its business mainly covering a full industry chain from investment in, and development, construction, and operation of wind power and PV power generation projects, to R&D and manufacturing of PV cells and modules and PV engineering construction. It is devoted to R&D and manufacturing of PV cells and modules and is the first manufacturer realizing large-scale mass production of HJT technologies in the PRC. Since 2019, Jinergy has been named a Tier 1 Module Supplier in Global PV by the prestigious research institute Bloomberg Finance Energy News (BNEF) for four successive years; and in 2022, Jinergy was elevated to a higher rank on the PV ModuleTech Financing Ranking Pyramid, establishing itself as a global high-quality module supplier.

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