Jardin Vertical’s Underground Farm Chooses Revolution’s Avici Programmable Spectrum LEDs

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ATLANTA, Nov. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Reducing food production’s carbon footprint is critical for humanity moving forward and Chad Taylor of Jardin Vertical’s new cultivation model is a vital step towards this sustainable future. His two-part plan tackles some of the biggest environmental threats in the industry and massively reduces carbon footprint while delivering fresh, healthy food in densely populated areas.

Chad Taylor and France Chouinard, Founder and Co-Founder of Jardin Vertical

Chad Taylor of Jardin Vertical comes from a long line of farmers and ranchers and he is passionate about the work he does. Both his parents and grandparents grew up on farms and passed down a wealth of agricultural knowledge and experience, and Chad attributes his perseverance and determination to his stepfather, Joe. Chad’s passion has produced a cultivation model that will help change the world.

Jardin Vertical is changing the game in Canada. Instead of the popular rooftop greenhouse, which consumes fossil fuels to regulate temperature during their brutal -30° winters, their farm is in a basement. This provides a geothermal effect year-round minimizing heating and AC requirements, and this energy is provided by clean hydroelectric power. It is also an entirely closed system; fully aeroponic, all LED lighting, making it the first Tower Farm of it’s kind in the world and the first commercial scale Tower Farm in Canada.

Jardin Vertical’s hyper-local business model tackles one of the biggest environmental problems of food production; transportation. Produce generally goes through multiple stops before arriving at its final destination, often hundreds of miles from the source. The vision is to produce, process, package, and distribute everything in-house. This hyper-localization guarantees that the food never travels more than a mile and is used to uplift the community.

Jardin Vertical also sourced environmentally friendly, long lasting, energy efficient LEDs.

“There are dozens of companies out there that claim they make the best lights; but if you take your time and dig into the details, nothing compares to the Avici.” – Chad Taylor

These high-power horticultural lights are built in an ethical manufacturing facility and, with a lifespan three times the industry standard, they won’t end up in a landfill after five-ten years like most LEDs. They also feature a programmable spectrum, letting cultivators mimic optimum lighting conditions for any plant and adapt to new horticultural research.

Jardin Vertical has broken ground on their first facility and have five farms planned to extend their coverage; offering people the chance to make responsible and delicious choices.

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