InPipe Energy Announces the HydroXS Next Generation Technology That Produces Renewable Energy from Water Pipelines

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Following the successful launch of the In-PRV product in 2020, the HydroXS is InPipe Energy’s more powerful next-generation micro-hydro energy recovery product line, compatible with a broad range of sites and pipe sizes, that produces clean energy and improves pressure management.

PORTLAND, Ore., July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — InPipe Energy, a renewable energy and smart water technology company, today announced the availability of the HydroXS, the latest generation of the company’s micro-hydro energy recovery technology that produces renewable energy while managing pressure in municipal water pipelines. Building on the company’s successful first-generation product, the new HydroXS product line features a proprietary new design that produces up to 50% more power and includes models suited for municipal, agricultural and industrial water systems. The product is appropriate for pipe sizes from 2″ to 110″ in diameter and can generate from 20kW to over a megawatt of green energy. HydroXS also includes a more robust set of monitoring and reporting features that help water managers improve water loss control, track renewable energy produced and carbon saved, and report progress on sustainability goals.

The HydroXS is designed to help water utilities create clean energy that lowers their electricity costs and helps them meet sustainability mandates while also precisely managing pressure in their pipelines. It includes a Pressure Management and Energy Recovery Dashboard that can be viewed on-site on the system’s digital display or accessed remotely via an internet connection. It provides real-time hydraulic data (pressure and flow) and tracks sustainability values, including renewable energy generated in kilowatt hours (kWh) and carbon savings. The dashboard can be easily integrated into other pressure management and non-revenue water systems, including SCADA.

“Our HydroXS technology is centered at the intersection of climate, energy, water, and equity,” said Gregg Semler, President, and CEO of InPipe Energy. “Our goal is to help water utility managers build resilience and battle climate change at the community level. With our HydroXS, water managers are not only taking control of their energy production and costs, they are poised to be the new leaders in sustainability, reducing carbon and producing low-cost renewable energy while managing the most precious resource on the planet.”

InPipe Energy drew from their successful installations at the Hillsboro Water Bureau in Oregon and Skagit PUD in Washington to fine tune the HydroXS design, creating a product that can be efficiently installed in an even wider range of sites – enabling multi-unit systems that produce energy at scale. Along with energy generation and pressure management, the HydroXS is designed to support water agency operations by providing clear, actionable data that helps them improve water loss control and demonstrate progress toward energy and sustainability goals.

Like its predecessor, the HydroXS can be installed below ground in a new or existing vault, above ground within an enclosure, or in a pumping or facilities room. Unlike custom solutions that require months of costly consulting and design fees, the HydroXS is available in a range of models to suit different sites – making it easier and more cost-effective for water agencies and industrial water managers to install throughout their water infrastructure.

“A key component in our goal to help build resilience into our utilities includes energy storage for grid independence,” Semler added. “The ability to mediate a grid disruption is a critical goal for resource managers, and our product roadmap includes these kinds of solutions as well.”

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About InPipe Energy

InPipe Energy is a renewable energy and smart water technology company and the innovator of the In-PRV and the new HydroXS product line that uses safe, clean, micro-hydropower technology to harvest excess water pressure and convert it to clean, low-cost electricity. It is the company’s mission to help water managers everywhere leverage their water delivery pipelines to generate renewable energy while precisely managing pressure, reducing carbon, saving water and supporting sustainability and resilience.

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