Government efforts to replace plastics with biodegradable and environmentally favorable alternatives will be the Future Catalyst for Biocomposites Market in North America: Ken Research

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  • Rising environmental concerns supported by the increasing need for lowering emission levels is expected to provide a strong thrust to the growth of the biocomposites market.
  • With growing technical breakthroughs aimed at discovering novel composite materials and new uses, as well as investment in research and commercialization of final goods.
  • Plastic packaging is one of the latest application trends for bio-based polymers. In combination with natural fibers, they can offer excellent prospects for environmental marketing, particularly in bio-cosmetic cans or packaging for bio-based detergents.

GURUGRAM, India, Aug. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Government support for use of bio-based composites: Growing environmental awareness and growing global waste problems are making governments aware of environmental hazards and encouraging them to support innovation and commercialization of the use of bio-based composites.

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Shift towards composites derived from natural sources: Traditionally, plastic composites were heavily used in various end-use industries. However, because of the environmental impacts of these composites (carbon fiber and glass fiber), such as air pollution, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and landfill issues, researchers and scientists shifted towards composites derived from natural sources.

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Natural composites have many advantages over synthetic composites such as low cost, low environmental impact, and high fiber content resulting in less pollution. Hence, due to the cheap, recyclable, and biodegradable nature, consumer preference is shifting from plastic composites to eco-friendly composites, thus becoming the dominant trend in the biocomposites market.

Increasing variety of ingredients for bio composites: Natural fiber is made from plants and cellulose. Bio-based materials are low in weight, offer damping and impact absorption, and have certain health advantages due to the presence of natural fibers. There has been a noticeable increase in the variety of ingredients that are typically used in the biocomposites market including hemp, jute and flax are popular natural fibers used in biocomposites.  The fact that biocomposites have a lower environmental effect than glass fiber is one of the primary factors propelling the worldwide biocomposites market ahead. The global need for high-performance engineered goods derived from natural resources is increasing.

Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication “North America Biocomposites Market Outlook and Forecast to 2027 – Driven by Rise in Demand of Eco Friendly and Durable Manufacturing Materials: Ken Research believe that the Biocomposites market is expected to grow on the basis of rapid rise in adoption of these solutions due to their affordability & flexibility to meet varying needs of different industry users.

Key Segments Covered in North America Biocomposites Market:-

North America Biocomposites Market By Product Type

  • Hybrid Biocomposites
  • Green Biocomposites

North America Biocomposites Market By Fiber Type

  • Wood Fiber Composites
  • Non-wood Fiber Composites

North America Biocomposites Market By Polymer Type

  • Natural Polymer Composites
  • Synthetic Polymer Composites

North America Biocomposites Market By Type of End User Industry

  • Automobile & Transportation
  • Building & Construction
  • Consumer Goods
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Aerospace & Defense

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North America Biocomposites Market By Geography and Major Countries

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Mexico

Key Target Audience:-

  • Biocomposites Manufacturers
  • Bio-pellet Manufacturers
  • Composites Manufacturers
  • Plastics Manufacturers
  • Chemicals Manufacturers
  • Petrochemicals & Resins Manufacturers
  • Primary Biocomposites Fiber Farming Organizations
  • Automobile Component Manufacturing Companies
  • Building & Construction Materials and Products Manufacturing Companies
  • Electrical & Electronics Components Manufacturers
  • Military Defense Components Manufacturers
  • Aerospace Components manufacturer
  • Potential Investors in Biocomposites Industry
  • Allied/Auxiliary Industries in Biocomposites Market
  • Biocomposites Wholesalers and Distributors

Time Period Captured in the Report:-

  • Historical Period: 2017-2021
  • Forecast Period: 2022-2027F

Major Biocomposites Product Companies in North America Mentioned in the Report:-

  • Lingrove
  • MCG BioComposites
  • Trex
  • FlexForm Technologies
  • Fiberon
  • Tekle Technical Services Inc.
  • DuxxBak
  • BioComposites Group
  • The AZEK Company
  • Universal Forest Products Inc.
  • NewTechWood
  • Owens Corning

Notable Emerging Biocomposites Product Companies in North America Mentioned in the Report:-

  • Primitives
  • RWDC Industries
  • NovolBio
  • Anomera
  • Bast Fibre Technologies
  • Natural Fibre Technologies
  • Safran Aero Composites
  • CompositeTechs, LLC

Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

  • Snapshot of North America Biocomposites Market
  • Industry Value Chain and Ecosystem Analysis
  • Market size and Segmentation of North America Biocomposites Market
  • Historic Growth of Overall North America Biocomposites Market and Segments
  • Competition Scenario of the Market and Key Developments of Competitors
  • Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis of North America Biocomposites Industry
  • Overview, Product Offerings, and SWOT Analysis of All the Key Competitors
  • Covid 19 Impact on the Overall North America Biocomposites Market
  • Future Market Forecast and Growth Rates of the Total North America Biocomposites Market and by Segments
  • Market Size of End User Industries with Historical CAGR and Future Forecasts
  • Analysis of North America Biocomposites Market in Major North American Countries
  • Major Production / Consumption Hubs in the Major Countries
  • Major Production/Supply and Consumption/Demand Hubs in Each Major Country
  • Major Country-wise Historic and Future Market Growth Rates of the Total Market and Segments
  • Overview of Notable Emerging North America Biocomposites Companies within Each Major Country
  • USA Biocomposites Market
  • USA Biocomposites Industry
  • Covid-19 Impact North America Biocomposites Industry
  • Canada Biocomposites Market
  • Canada Biocomposites Industry
  • Covid-19 Impact Canada Biocomposites Industry
  • Mexico Biocomposites Market
  • Mexico Biocomposites Industry
  • Covid-19 Impact Mexico Biocomposites Market
  • TTS Biocomposites Market
  • Lingrove Biocomposites Market
  • MCG BioComposite Market
  • FlexForm Technologies Biocomposites Market
  • Fiberon Biocomposites Market
  • Green Bay Decking Biocomposites Market
  • Trex Company Inc Biocomposites Market
  • Lingrove LLC (U.S.) Biocomposites Market
  • The Azek Company Biocomposites Market
  • Universal Forest Products Biocomposites Market
  • NewTechWood Biocomposites Market
  • Owens Corning Biocomposites Market
  • Primitives Biocomposites Market
  • RWDC Industries Biocomposites Market
  • NovolBio Biocomposites Market
  • Anomera Biocomposites Market
  • Bast Fibre Technologies Biocomposites Market
  • Natural Fibre Technologies Biocomposites Market
  • Safran Aero Composites Biocomposites Market
  • CompositeTechs Biocomposites Market
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Biocomposites Market
  • Circular Economy Biocomposites Market
  • Cradle-to-cradle Biocomposites Market
  • Cradle-to-factory Biocomposites Market
  • Cradle-to-grave Biocomposites Market
  • Empty Fruit Bunch Biocomposites Market

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North America Biocomposites Industry

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Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is the Study Period of this Market Report?

The North America Biocomposites Market is covered from 2017 – 2027 in this report, which includes a forecast for the period 2022-2027.

What is the Future Growth Rate of North America Biocomposites Market?

The North America Biocomposites Market is expected to witness a CAGR of above 12% over the next 5 years.

What are the Key Factors Driving the North America Biocomposites Market?

Rising number of millennial parents who are increasingly health conscious and adopting natural, minimally processed food is expected to be the primary driver of this market.

Which is the Fastest Growing Product Segment within the North America Biocoposites Market?

Natural Polymer Composites is the fastest growing product segment within the North America Biocomposites Market.

Who are the Key Players in North America Biocomposites Market?

Lingrove, MCG BioComposites, Trex, FlexForm Technologies, Tekle Technical Services Inc., DuxxBak, BioComposites Group, The AZEK Company, Universal Forest Products Inc., NewTechWood, and Owens Corning are the major companies operating in North America Biocomposites Market.

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