GN New Type Vacuum Shale Shaker for Drilling Fluids Solids Control

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A newly developed electrical driven type Vacuum Shale Shaker for Drilling Fluids Solids Control.

HOUSTON, March 4, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — A new type vacuum shale shaker developed by GN Solids Control just launched to help oil and gas companies recover more drilling fluids and reduce drilling waste volume for a greener world. Developed on the basis of the traditional shale shaker and vacuum screen, this new technology can enhance the drilling fluids recovery dramatically.

Early designed by GN Solids Control in June, 2017, the ViST (Vacuum Screen Technology), composed by a vacuum unit, catch pan(s) and hoses etc. By hundreds of drilling sites testing, ViST is proved to be a big success and high effective drillig fluids solids control unit when work together with traditional shale shaker to treat OBM, SBM and WBM.

To achieve the separation effect of vibration and negative pressure, ViST is designed in a compact structure, including a negative pressure vacuum pump, a underneath catch pan and flexible hidden hoses to generate pulse or continuous pressure at the screen bottom when the shaker is running.

Easily operated by a separate control box, the pulse frequency or time of the negative pressure can be changed by the timers on the box. And it can be also switched to continuous negative pressure.

Without any special change on the original control box of the shale shaker, the shaker box and the ViST box is working independently. In case maintenance of the ViST, the modular Vacuum Shaker can still work without stop after remove the negative pressure pump, catch pan and hoses. On the other side, the traditional shaker can be upgraded to a vacuum shaker by adding above components.

It says from one drilling rig log, GN ViST vacuum shale shaker reduced 35% drilling waste cost compared the other drill fleet, let alone the expensive drilling waste disposal, and valuable drilling fluids if you have dozens and hundreds drilling rigs.

Through flexible hoses to connect with the ViST unit, the vacuum catch pan is installed under the last screen or externally mounted outside of the shaker. The new type vacuum shaker is an electrical driven unit, never worry about where to find a stable air source. Some other auxiliary component like anti-splash cover is optional. No matter it is tandem shale shaker or triple shale shaker, they are always good to add the ViST.

The traditional pneumatic driven vacuum unit, each one is able to connect with max. 3 sets catch pans. Compressed air is required to generate suction on the last screen panel, recover additional drilling fluids from the cuttings. ViST of the pneumatic vacuum shaker is fixed on shaker side and connected by much longer hoses.

A higher API No. screens are suggested to use when using ViST, four grades of solids control separation may change to two grades, as the desander, desilter may be removed. Drilling mud treatment is simplified to reduce the well site area and capital equipment investment, more importantly achieve energy consumption. Easy to use under narrow working space even for offshore drilling rig platforms.

Vacuum Shaker maximizes the reuse of drilling fluids while reducing drilling wastes. Dryer cuttings mean less transport cost and more drilling fluids. Without doubt, ViST is a new technology that save money for operators on drilling fluids and waste management.

GN Solids Control specializes in designing and manufacturing turnkey solids and liquid separation equipment in oil & gas industry, environmental protection industry, construction industry and mining industry.

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