Founder and leader of East Rock receives the Annual Outstanding Entrepreneur title at the 12th annual China-US Business Summit

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BEIJING, July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In July 2021, as a pioneer individual in the modern large-scale pasture construction industry, Hao Su received the Annual Outstanding Entrepreneur title at the 12th annual China-US Business Summit, becoming one of only six winners with the honor in China and the United States and the only entrepreneur in the field of livestock farming among this year’s winners.

Mr. Su’s win over 100 other entrepreneurs participating in the competition demonstrates his leadership at East Rock Farm Technologies Co., Ltd, which has resulted in unmatched innovative ability and brilliant performances in the past decade.

Today, with Mr. Su’s guidance, East Rock has become a world-renowned company that integrates pasture design and construction, agriculture equipment manufacturing and installation, engineering construction, and comprehensive delivery. East Rock is the leading company in this field in China. As the founder and leader of the company, Mr. Su has a business philosophy of “based in China while serving the world”. Through international cooperation and communication, he has shared 50 years of pasture construction experience and technology across the United States and Canada. At the same time, he has led his own scientific research team to develop a series of technical patents and has sold various pasture equipment products with his own independent intellectual property rights to 55 countries across 6 continents worldwide.

Overall delivery service is an innovative business model unique to East Rock. With the integration of cross-professional technical capabilities, it provides clients with packaged services such as assistance in site selection, project planning, engineering design, engineering construction, procurement and installation of various equipment, operation training, and accompanying services. This one-stop service can prevent technical shortcomings caused by cross-professional disorganization, thereby greatly improving the efficiency of pasture construction, and avoiding some irreversible mistakes that often occur in the construction process when putting together work from different fields.

With construction planning, Mr. Su also spent all his efforts to achieve breakthroughs in environmental protection, energy conservation, and emission reduction. In 2008, entrusted by the well-known Chinese company Guizhou Haoyiduo Co., Ltd., Mr. Su led East Rock team to scientifically select locations in Guiyang, and completed two pastures that are recognized as the only two real mountain pastures in China.

Guizhou has very special landforms, with mountains and hills on the ground, and caves and rivers hidden underground. In order to best protect the original landforms, East Rock’s team adjusted the slope as minimally as they could and preserved the mountain environment between the pasture and the natural landform conditions to the best of their ability. Through scientific methods such as high-altitude wind speed measurement and special terrain measurement, Mr. Su determined the location of the mountain pasture. Mr. Su also made scientific use of natural resources to maximize the breeding advantages provided by local climate conditions. The area has a high altitude and a cool climate, and the climate conditions are suitable for the growth of dairy cows for most time of a year. Summer is the most challenging time for cow production. The pasture does not require mechanical cooling throughout the whole season, and the natural conditions can be used to ensure milk production. Therefore, the energy consumption of these two farms is very low. Compared with other farms in the China that require large consumption of electricity to physically cool down, the natural conditions of these two pastures alone can ensure that the cows’ summer heat stress level remains low. This effect is difficult to achieve in other places. With such innovative technology, the two farms save about 300,000 tons of water and 4.38 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year compared to ordinary farms. This innovative breakthrough has also become a classic example of dairy farm design in mountainous areas.

Lowering temperature with scientific methods, improving the working environment for employees, and enhancing production efficiency have also been achieved with Mr. Su and East Rock’s unshakeable efforts. In 2013, East Rock installed the first positive pressure ventilation technology for the milking parlors and the waiting area in Fonterra Yutian 3 Dairy Farm and won the 2014 Best Value Creation / Operational Process Improvement Initiative. East Rock then became the only Chinese enterprise that has won the award so far. The positive pressure ventilation technology that Mr. Su developed can freely control ventilation time and frequency, effectively improving the working area’s air quality, as well as living conditions of the cows of that area. Creating this key technology has overcome the bottleneck of China’s pasture construction environmental technology and solves the environmental constraints of artificial and animal welfare in dairy farming and milking. Therefore, this technology was widely adopted by the industry and has become the industrial standard.

The pastures and scientific research facilities that Mr. Su and East Rock built have become models for their international peers. In 2014, Hao Su led his technical team to complete a project: the only world-class training center invested into by Nestlé, the world’s largest food company, where they would oversee elements such as site selection, design, and construction. The center integrates dairy farming, pasture construction, scientific research, and skill training. This project has become the first in the industry to demonstrate the comprehensive delivery model of the pasture. Since the training center has been put into use, it has attracted hundreds of colleagues from 15 countries across 6 continents to visit and learn. This project’s pioneer concept and construction mode have been highly recognized among the industry.

Through continuous research, development, and innovation, Hao Su has led East Rock Farm Technologies Co., Ltd to rise to the top of the industry in China, establishing himself as a veritable world leader in the field of modern pasture design and overall equipment manufacturing. We look forward to seeing his work bring even greater surprises to the entire industry in the near future.

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