EQTEC Announces Expansion Strategy Update in Asia

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Developing technology and commercial partnerships to meet waste management targets, reduce emissions, and growing demand for energy, hydrogen and biofuels in the ASEAN region and South Korea

HONG KONG, April 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — EQTEC plc (AIM: EQT, “the Company”), a world-leading technology company enabling the Net Zero Future through advanced solutions for hydrogen, biofuels, SNG, and other energy production, is pleased to announce its strategic framework and expansion strategy update that articulates the Company’s strategic ambitions in Asia. To build on its momentum of strong growth and in the interest of long-term development, the Company works with strategic, go-to-market (GTM) and commercial partners to develop modular, scalable, and baseload energy generation and biofuel production plants generation plants that support local communities and the environment.

Strategy to develop project pipelines and local shareholder ecosystems by local Go-To-Market entities

Recognizing the urgent need for climate action and green energy production, governments and businesses are moving towards waste reduction, pollution mitigation, and more efficient energy production. EQTEC, with its proprietary clean technology and expertise, is well positioned to meet heightened waste management, decarbonization, and energy demands, and the Company is working to actively shape the waste-to-value ecosystem while enhancing and streamlining its own internal operations.

The company’s strategy for technological distribution and future licensing is driven by local GTM entities that develop project pipelines and local shareholder ecosystems. Such entities will become the future licensors of EQTEC’s technology solutions for specific markets, with the potential to grow at scale and even IPO. In markets such as the UK, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany, GTM entities are wholly-owned subsidiaries of EQTEC, while in markets such as Croatia, Greece, and the US, entities are typically organized as joint ventures, with EQTEC retaining a consolidating majority share of the company’s capital. The recently-formed GTM subsidiary in France is a typical example of a wholly-owned subsidiary, with a significant pipeline projects with total CAPEX ranging between EUR 25-50 million each, representing to EQTEC potential sales of ~EUR 10-20 million. The Company’s French subsidiary is currently developing four projects with local owners and has another seven projects under review.

Together with partners, EQTEC’s commercially-validated technologies can help countries and companies achieve meaningful decarbonization, advance along the energy transition to achieve Net Zero, and support local communities and the circular economy. Furthermore, the Company’s waste-to-syngas from its Advanced Gasification Technology capabilities can help companies and communities reduce waste volume and avoid landfills; generate energy and biofuels while reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and mitigate pollution such as fly ash, heavy metals, and hazardous waste. With applications ranging from industrial energy production to forest fire risk mitigation, the Company is well-positioned to access growth opportunities in an expanding segment.

Well positioned to help industries in Asia manage waste and generate energy

In keeping with its disciplined and focused business model, EQTEC is selectively developing technology and commercial partnerships and sourcing and executing projects in international markets, including in Asia. The region offers a substantial addressable market for waste processing, as Asia continues to experience growing prosperity, heightened energy consumption, and increased product demand, while reuse and recycling remain under-developed. Furthermore, with growing scrutiny around waste processing and heightened public interest in the fields of waste disposal and green energy, more environmentally-responsible alternatives to landfills and incineration are necessary.

EQTEC is currently seeking to qualify and develop an ecosystem of strategic delivery partners to fulfil growing demand in Asia (including ASEAN and South Korea) for 2023 and 2024. In addition to having attracted significant attention from large project developers and established operators with projects in South Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia, EQTEC is further exploring options to partner with infrastructure funds and strategic energy/waste operators and owners in Asia. The Company plans to deploy its technology and serve as a responsible partner in Asia’s decarbonisation and ecological transition, in line with national and regional carbon neutrality and circular economy goals. The current qualified pipeline in Asia can be valued conservatively at EUR 250+ million. 

With EQTEC’s proprietary innovation and technology capabilities, the Company is expected to help industries in Asia manage waste and generate baseload energy, hydrogen and biofuels, while meaningfully reducing the pollution and hazardous by-products seen in standard incineration or landfill operations.

About EQTEC plc

As one of the world’s most experienced gasification technology and engineering companies, and with a growing track record of operational and commercial success in the waste-to-energy space through its best-in-class technology innovation, engineering, and project development, EQTEC brings together design innovation, project delivery discipline, and solid commercial experience to the global energy transition. EQTEC’s proven, proprietary, and patented technology is at the centre of clean energy projects; local waste sourcing, business promotion, and job creation; and the transition to localized, decentralized, and resilient energy systems.

EQTEC designs, supplies, and builds advanced gasification facilities in the UK, EU, and US, with highly-efficient equipment that is modular and scalable (from 1MW to 30MW). EQTEC’s versatile solutions process over 50 varieties of feedstock, including forestry wood waste, vegetation, and other agricultural waste from farms, industrial waste and sludge from factories, and municipal waste, all without hazardous or toxic emissions. EQTEC’s solutions produce a pure, high-quality syngas that can be used for a wide range of applications, including the generation of electricity and heat, the production of synthetic natural gas (through methanation) or biofuels (through Fischer-Tropsch, gas-to-liquid processing), and the generation of hydrogen gas.

EQTEC’s technology integration capabilities enable the Company to lead collaborative ecosystems of qualified partners and to build sustainable waste reduction and green energy infrastructure around the world.

The Company is quoted on AIM (ticker: EQT), and the London Stock Exchange has awarded EQTEC the Green Economy Mark, which recognizes listed companies with 50% or more of revenues from environmental/green solutions.

Further information on the Company can be found at www.eqtec.com.


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