Behind the scenes of Hong Kong’s innovative pig farms: John Lau Hon Kit spares no effort to raise high-quality and great tasting Hong Kong pigs

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HONG KONG, June 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Hong Kong Heritage Pork has turned over a new page for the local pig farm industry in Hong Kong. By establishing a new, more modern pig farm in Hong Kong, they have successfully integrated advanced technology, equipment, and a new breeding management model to help provide Hong Kong people with locally sourced, high-quality, and tasty pork. The driving force behind this change is John Lau Hon Kit. His ambition to improve pig farming practices in Hong Kong has led him to create a new type of farm comparable to those in Europe.

Hong Kong Heritage Pork

John Lau Hon Kit spares no effort to innovate the local pig industry

Pig farms are generally known as unpleasant places to be. They are known for being dirty, smelly, and unclean.

The methods of breeding today are barely any different than how they were before – farms in the 1940’s used food waste as pig feed. However, the lack of railings and adequate conditions to separate and manage farms often led to pigs becoming injured, sick, or prematurely dying, reducing the overall quality and quantity of pork produced locally.

Since the 1990’s, despite the addition of more specialised pig pens, Hong Kong’s pig farms have remained relatively unchanged and still use general food waste as feed, which is inadequate for current global production norms. When John Lau Hon Kit began his journey in the pig farm industry, changing this was one of his main motivations.

When John Lau Hon Kit first set food into the pig farming industry, he was determined to transform the norms of pig farming in Hong Kong. He built from the ground up a pig farm that was specifically designed for Hong Kong’s sub-tropical climate. Equipped with all-weather and environmental control facilities, it promises to revolutionise the pig farming industry in Hong Kong.

Located in Pak Nai and the Kam Tin areas in the North-West of Hong Kong, the farms are prime real-estate for the industry. Situated close to Lau Fau Shan and Kai Kung Leng, the livestock enjoy rich filtered mineral mountain water that flows down the mountains. John Lau Hon Kit also introduced new technology and equipment to overhaul the pig farm and transform the pig pens into an advanced farm that embraces a more modern approach. In addition to this, systematic data analysis and scientific modelling enable more efficient pig farm management, putting it leagues ahead of contemporaries in the industry.

Pulling the local pork industry into the 21st century

Previously used exclusively in Danish pig farms, John Lau Hon Kit introduced revolutionary feeding management and breeding technologies to Hong Kong.

Currently, Hong Kong Heritage Pork is the only farm using a batch-wise feeding design. Implementing strict biosecurity mechanisms such as the multiple sensor arrays for each barn and automatic monitoring systems ensure healthy livestock. This innovative system can simultaneously monitor room temperature, humidity, airflow, carbon dioxide, and ammonia levels, ensuring that pigs live within comfortable conditions. In addition to this, fingerprint verification systems ensure that only authorised employees can operate the farm, minimising human interaction and risks.

Procuring top-of-the-line livestock equipment from Europe’s most advanced pig-raising nations, John Lau Hon Kit went on to establish a sound health and epidemic prevention system for his pork farm. This includes a water curtain cooling system installed in the farrowing room, a large temperature control exhaust fan, and a warm lamp in the sow production pen.

The exhaust fan at Hong Kong Heritage Pork is 3 – 4 times larger than most found in other pig farms, proven to effectively reduce the growth of bacteria from within the farm. On top of this, John Lau Hon Kit also introduced Hong Kong’s first big feed machine. Developed in Denmark, the device precisely allocates and controls the amount of feed being distributed, ensuring that the pigs receive adequate, high-quality, and safe feed over extended periods.

John Lau Hon Kit hires a Danish veterinarian as a private consultant

So as to ensure the optimal hygiene, safety and betterment of pig health, John Lau Hon Kit specifically hired a Danish veterinarian as private livestock consultant for Hong Kong Pork. This makes Hong Kong Pork the only pig farm in Hong Kong with its very own veterinary consultant. Through regular inspection, the consultant will monitor the health of pigs and provide professional advice on the operation and management of the pig farm.

“I hope to breed high-quality and delicious Hong Kong-produced pigs, so that everyone in Hong Kong will have the opportunity to taste fresh, delicious, and safe local pork,” says John Lau Hon Kit.

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