Beewise Launches the BeeHome 4 to Save Bees at Scale

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Smaller, lighter, and upgraded technology will help to secure pollination for a stable food supply

Oakland, Calif., Feb. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Beewise, the climate tech, AI-powered robotics company on a mission to save bees, today announced the release of its newly-designed BeeHome 4, which is both smaller and lighter than previous iterations, fits on a conventional forklift, and fits into existing beekeeping workflows by accommodating standard bee hive frames. These new design features will increase hive mobility, enabling farmers to effortlessly care for millions of bees and ensure seasonal crop pollination.

Beewise was founded with a mission to save the pollinators that are vital to life on our planet: bees. While bees have thrived for millions of years, climate change, especially the extreme weather conditions caused by it, as well as other threats like Varroa mites are causing bee colony losses as high as 30% each year.

These stressors are exacerbating the challenges, skilled labor shortages and high transportation costs, that beekeepers are already facing. The newly updated BeeHome 4 is a sustainable solution for pollinating crops and supporting bee colonies. BeeHome 4 helps beekeepers pollinate and produce honey all while protecting their bees; the holistic solution provides advanced hardware for bees in the field and software for beekeepers and growers to manage operations from their desk or mobile phone. When compared to traditional beehives, BeeHomes reduced bee mortality 80%, which has resulted in increased yields of at least 50%, while reducing manual labor needs by ~90%.

BeeHomes seamlessly detect fatal threats to a honeybee colony including pesticides and the presence of pests, and immediately defends against them. Its automatic robotic system responds to threats in real time and requires almost no human intervention. In addition to protecting and defending, Beewise affirmatively helps honey bees thrive and flourish by reversing the trend of colony collapse. To help combat the detrimental effects of climate change on bees, BeeHomes are thermally regulated; protect from fires, flooding, and Asian Wasps (murder hornets); and provide enhanced feeding techniques for when bees’ food supply is not readily available.

Beewise solves the three main challenges that prevent beekeepers from helping bees deal with stressors effectively:

  • The distance gap: Hives are situated far apart from each other and from beekeepers, sometimes hundreds of miles away. As a result, beekeepers spend most of their time traveling to and from hives—sometimes up to 60% of their time.
  • The time gap: Because of the distance, beekeepers typically visit their hives every few weeks. So, hives are treated in broad strokes, rather than with precise solutions. Beekeepers are rarely able to treat a problem just in time—oftentimes they’re too late.
  • The experience gap: Commercial beekeepers manage thousands of hives—a typical medium-sized US beekeeper has a few thousands of hives, with a labor ratio of one person per several hundred hives. This leads to generalized care that is not necessarily done by an experienced beekeeper. 

“We’ve listened to beekeepers and growers, and BeeHome 4, is the culmination of their feedback,” states Saar Safra, CEO and cofounder of Beewise. “BeeHome 4 is the perfect “vaccine” for colony collapse disorder and is optimized to save bees and address the needs of growers and beekeepers, at scale. Despite unfounded claims to the contrary, saving bees is not achievable with invalidated IoT sensors; it requires significant technology addressing the root issue: the adverse effects of global warming and urbanization on the bee population. The newly released Beehome 4 makes significant strides towards the mission of saving the world’s bees.”

About Beewise

Beewise is a company with one mission in mind: saving the bees. This focus is manifested in the company’s first solution, the Beehome, the world’s first autonomous beehive with an integrated robotic beekeeper. Beehome reduces bee mortality by up to 80%, saving bees at scale to secure pollination for a stable food supply. Learn More About Beewise

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