Axis Technologies Group, Inc. CEO Shares Promising Updates and Outlook for 2023 with Shareholders

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TROY, Mich., Aug. 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  via IBN — Axis Technologies Group, Inc. (OTCMARKETS: AXTG) (the “Company” or “AXTG”) today issued the following Letter to Shareholders from its Chief Executive Officer, Dr. William Tien.

Dear Shareholders:

In a significant communication to the shareholders, AXTG’s CEO presents the official 2023 letter, marking a pivotal moment since the last official correspondence on September 15, 2021. This communication serves as an opportunity to provide a comprehensive overview of the developments within our restructured group and to highlight the remarkable strides achieved behind the scenes up to this point. 

Additionally, the letter will shed light on AXTG’s prospects for the upcoming year.

The CEO, in this crucial update, underscores the progress achieved by AXTG, underscoring the company’s commitment to innovation and growth. The strides made since the last communication underscore the dedication of the entire team and the strategic initiatives that have been implemented to drive success.

AXTG’s Vision – Investing in the Pursuit and Advancement of blockchain technologies in the digital assets space.

After navigating a dynamic landscape within the blockchain sector and observing the widespread adoption of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse over the last 18 months, Asian markets have emerged as proactive supporters of diverse Web 3.0 initiatives. These initiatives span a spectrum of projects, including the transformation and enhancement of urban landscapes through the implementation of digital twin concepts. This innovation aims to facilitate the seamless integration of Real World Assets (RWA) into the digital realm.

In the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), novel opportunities and complex challenges have arisen. The perspective on software development has evolved from human-centered creativity to a realm of superhuman innovation. This shift encompasses the resolution of technological deployment issues, exploration of potential use cases, and the formulation of revolutionary methodologies that previously eluded human ingenuity.

The founding team behind AXTG boasts a wealth of intellectual expertise cultivated since the early stages of 2008, primarily within the domain of carbon credits. Their accomplishments include the establishment of the inaugural carbon credits exchange in 2010, accreditation as carbon auditors in Australia during the same year, and the dissemination of carbon trading insights since 2010 in Beijing, China. AXTG’s partnership with Carbonis Inc. has led to the development of Carbon 12, an EVM Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain designed to power the Carbonis ecosystem. This transformative ecosystem seeks to harness the potential of Real World Assets (RWA) through the digitization of carbon credits.

Aligned with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) roadmap, aiming for global Carbon Neutrality by 2050/2060, more than 193 countries have committed to UN Social Corporate Goals (SDG) and Environmental Social Governance (ESG). According to a D&B report, over 35 million global companies are poised to fulfill their ESG reporting obligations, constituting an expansive pool of potential carbon tax and credits traders on a global scale.

As part of its strategic vision, AXTG concentrates on nurturing, advancing, overseeing, and promoting various facets of enterprises encompassing digital assets. 

The organization is committed to realizing this objective through strategic acquisitions, investments, and leveraging its existing investment portfolio.

Recent AXTG Achievements:

Since our last update in AXTG has accomplished the following:

  • New Management Team – The Company has appointed the following key executives to its management team:
    • Richard Casinelli been appointed in 2023, CFO – CPA accountant and a seasoned public company executive
    • Mru Patel been appointed in 2023 as Non Executive Director – his primary role was preparing AXTG in raising fund for AXTG through eWealth Tech fund meeting to meet ESG/SDG compliance from a Asian SDG Fund
  • Completed Acquisitions of both TiENCHAT and T8 Exchange, which both now the business have merged and integrated inside TiENWORLD LLC, a 100% subsidiary of AXTG.
  • All Ethereum mining operations stop last year after Ethereum change its protocol from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. The existing computers have now been set aside to be reuse in our testing and new deployment of new Nivida GPU cards to trial our own AI powered Nodes used in the new Carbonis’s blockchain development. If results meets the expectation a new AI powered system will be build with new tools been developed through strategic partnership
  • Further Development of both TRAMS and ETHFUND – will improve on the overall design and utilized the existing structure to power the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) with decarbonized project on RWA.

AXTG Portfolio of Companies

TIENWORLD will integrated all existing wallets users (2,000,000+)  inside TiENCHAT and T8 Exchange with new designed NFT IDs that will be issued for users to be used for the partnered Carbonis ecosystem.

The Years Ahead: AXTG 2023-2024

Our AXTG and subsidiary management teams have spent the past year working diligently, quietly, building what we believe is a solid corporate and operational foundation capable of supporting our portfolio companies. I am excited to outline some of our goals for the coming year:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions – as the DeFi market space continues to rapidly evolve, we will be seeking out acquisitions that both compliment the Company’s strategic initiatives and strengthen the balance sheet, further adding value to our growing portfolio of companies and to our shareholders.
  • Growth Capital and Financing Initiatives – We will seek out various methods of raising capital to support the various growth and strategic initiatives. To date, the Company have committed with eWealth Tech seeking to raise approx. $10m in equity financing in order to purchase and expand its development of the building of a SaaS solutions for digital bank with digital wallet that can accept  digital asset including CBDC compliance to both ISO20022 and ISO127001 accreditation. Further plan to seek a Regulation A (Reg A) to raise US$20 million to acquire new digital assets like accredited carbon credits meeting ISO14064
  • Reinforce Management Team. Assuming our operations expand and revenue increases in the future, we plan to add new executives and directors – all with the pedigree and lineage to help advance AXTG to its fullest potential.
  • Proactive Shareholder Communications. To keep our shareholders informed on our many 2023 catalysts for growth, we plan to implement a new investor web tab on our website, retain additional  investor relations consultants, and produce additional media and content to continuously add to our website and various social media platforms.

AXTG: Investing in the Pursuit and Advancement of Digitalization in RWA

We have always positioned ourselves to be in the forefront of the continuously growing and evolving marketplace in digitization space. We firmly believe that we will be successful as we continuously strive to identify those areas and opportunities to enhance the blockchain ecosystem and to further develop those tools and systems necessary for the digital assets marketplace to continue to evolve and flourish.

I am very looking forward with what we have accomplished to date and am even more excited about what we will achieve together in the future.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. William Tien, President/CEO

About Axis Technologies Group, Inc.

Axis Technologies Group, Inc. (OTCMARKETS: AXTG) is a publicly traded holding company focused on the promotion, development, management and marketing of various aspects of businesses surrounding all aspects of digital assets tools. Through acquisitions, strategic investments, and its current investment holdings, AXTG seeks to support, develop and take advantage of various blockchain and DeFi projects, opportunities and initiatives

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