Tunas Farm launches its urban farming technology in Gading Serpong

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In the time of the global pandemic, more people are becoming aware of the importance of nutrition, especially about enabling a proper immune system.
Keeping this in view, Widya Surya Prayoga, Rudwiky Okta Putra, and Topaz Kumoro thought of starting Tunas Farm, an Indonesian startup that is an amalgamation of urban farming and technology.
Beginning with making an indoor farming production facility in Gading Serpong, Banten province, using the hydroponic method, Tunas Farm focuses on the B2C section by executing the farm-to-table idea that allows customers to relish the vegetables that they just farm themselves; their operations are also aided by their in-house logistics team.
Not a long ago, in order to release its business, Tunas Farm also asked for a pree-seed funding from Gayo Capital. The funding is meant to develop its IoT-based hydroponic farming system.
At the moment, the team is preparing its facility in Garding Serpong to become a production facility and an indoor display of vertical farming. At some time, Prayoga also shared that Tunas Farm is ready to start an IoT-based hydroponic kit that will enable consumers to start their own urban farms at home.
Unlike the facts that state agritech has great potentials in Indonesia, on the real grounds, there have not been that many startups in the area that focuses on the improvement of the farming process itself. Some of the technologies which can be used to multiply this process are IoT, big data, machine learning, computer vision, etc.
The supply chain is the most desired agriculture verticals amid tech startups. This approach also enables farmers to keep their prices low and also, it even provides solutions that have in view to support farmers finance their operations.
Many startups in Indonesia have started providing tech solutions to support production. A good number of these solutions are still in the research and development stage, but a few of them have started the manufacturing process. In addition to Tunas Farm, there is also Mertani, Tanibox, and Neurafarm.