China ramps up safety inspections of meat imports

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Chinese meat importers suggested exporters in countries with COVID-19 outbreaks to disinfect the outer packaging of products as well as the inner side of containers before sealing export products, the country’s top industry group stated.

“China has been importing a large quantity of meats this year, and has detected virus on the packaging of cold chain products many times, even as lots of disinfection has been done domestically. It should be better to handle this (virus control) at the meats exporting origins, and carry out disinfection at the production plants,” said Gao Guan, spokesman for the China Meat Association.

China has increased disinfection and virus testing on frozen food after it found coronavirus on imported products and packaging, Reuters reported.

The initiative was proposed to “ensure the safety of imported cold-chain food and boost consumers’ confidence in imported cold-chain products,” the statement said.

Reported cases have shown that contact with packaging contaminated with the deadly contagion might lead to human infection, said the Chinese association.

However, the World Health Organization stated the risk of catching COVID-19 from frozen food is low.