Bill Gates to release a book on climate change

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The well-known American philanthropist and the founder of Microsoft Corporation Bill Gates’ will be releasing his new book soon in which he will be addressing the most important topic of current age ‘climate change’.

Not only this, the book published by UK-based publishing house Allen Lane, will also cater to the possible measures we can take in order to prevent an environmental crisis.

In the book titled “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need”, the author will explain why he is concerned about the problem and how the world can prevent the worst impacts of the climate crisis.

“Climate change is a unique global problem. I am writing this book to help identify how we can work on a local, national, and global level to build the technologies, businesses, and industries to avoid the worst impacts of climate change,” Gates said.

In the book, he will share what he has learned in over a decade of studying climate change, and investing in innovations to address the problems. “As a technologist, he has seen first-hand how innovation can change the world. By investing in research, inventing new technologies, and by deploying them quickly at large scale, Gates believes climate change can be addressed in meaningful ways,” publishers said in a statement.

Climate change, according to Gates, will have a huge impact on the people who have done the least to cause it. The book will release next year on June 24.