Know why WMO lauded India’s Meteorological Department

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The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has praised the India Meteorological Department for the timely and accurate prediction of super-cyclone “Amphan” that helped in early response and action.

Terming the handling of the unprecedented situation as an “excellent lesson”, the WMO said the IMD was also to be commended for aiding India’s neighbouring nations with accurate forecasts and preventing further loss of life and property.

“The accurate prediction of genesis, track, intensity, landfall point and time, as well as associated adverse weather like storm surge, rainfall wind, by IMD with lead period of more than three days, has immensely helped in their early response and actions,” WMO secretary-general E. Maneakova said in a letter to IMD.

M. Mohapatra, DG of IMD, said WMO’s praise was a great honour. “The timely and accurate predictions have helped the disaster management teams and authorities save hundreds of lives before any damage could be caused,” Mohapatra told Economic Times.

Earlier in 2019 also, IMD received recognition from the UN agency for disaster risk reduction for its accurate and early warnings about Cyclone Fani.