Tracking the crops by drone to improve the production

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In New era of 21st century, drones are very useful to do the analysis of widespread farming land. Drone is a small flying robot machine that are ushering in a new agricultural revolution. Today’s drones are capable of autonomous flight over vast distances and have been proven to deliver greater efficiency and higher returns for farmers.

Various countries are still working on drone projects for agriculture which can do assessment of crops or agricultural land. It makes the whole farming enterprise more efficient. And thirty percent of the world’s food supply comes from pollination dependent crops which are often grown in complex environments such as under netting or increasingly using indoor systems. So, the drone companies are trying to reach in every farm land to make it easy. Now, these kinds of technologies help to improve the pollination, crop production and its assessments.

There are various kinds of drones in agriculture such as drone bee. It is not an actual bee, but it is made up for to see/check the pollination by bees in the farming land. It can up pollination rates by 25% to 65%, through outside analysis verifying those numbers are yet to be done. Or else, we can say in a simplest way that drones track bees to improve pollination and crop production.