GoodWe: Inverter technology continuous breakthrough Empower solar energy

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MANILA, Philippines, Dec. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — To achieve the dream of the world net zero emission by 2025, accelerating the energy transition and revolution have become inevitable. At the same time, with the rapid economic development and unit cost of silicon-based photovoltaic cells declining trend, the rise of solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation forms an important part of global energy transformation. Project developers, EPC including stakeholders are looking for upgraded systems to help them find out stable solutions that are consistent with policies, make sure the safety and convenient for operation & maintenance, also decrease LCOE and improve the ROI.

As a world-leading PV inverter and energy storage solutions manufacturer, GoodWe provides several advanced solutions to users which can meet all-scenario requirements.


In some areas, the distributed photovoltaic power stations are not allowed to export power to the grid or only limited power are allowed to be exported. This requires the distributed PV system to have the function of “anti-backflow”. GoodWe has series of mature Zero- Export Solutions. The inverter adjusts the output synchronously to achieve the same output power and load, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing backflow.


PID is an undesirable phenomenon that occurs when the module’s voltage potential and leakage current drive ion mobility within the module between the semiconductor material and other elements of the module. GoodWe adopts the last solution to PID effect by imposing a reverse voltage to the DC negative polarity of inverter to the earth. The device, PID recovery board is deployed and integrated in the AC side of inverter.


Inverter as a crucial unit in any solar system, its heat dissipation performance has always been taken as an important index of overall performance. GoodWe focuses on the thermal design to have inverter with excellent heat dissipation performance from three aspects.

a. Excellent Heat Transfer Design

b. Smart Cooling System Control

c. Application of High-quality Fan


Electric arc fault often leads to alternating voltage waveform and current waveform in a circuit, accompanying with arcing sound, arcing flash, heating and high frequency electromagnetic waves. A common practice to deal with an arc fault is using sensors to detect and analyze variations in physical characteristics and electrical characteristics of the circuit when an arc fault is happening. With an arc detection board and magnetic rings integrated in a GoodWe inverter, an arc fault can be determined whenever there is occurrence of abnormal arcing current detected and protective measures in consequence are triggered and taken automatically.

5. Compatibility with high-current & bifacial modules

Meet connection requirement with ultra-high power module products is also an important consideration for inverters, GoodWe upgraded series inverters are compatible with high power and bi-facial modules, which ensure more solar power absorption and makes it be more productive, keeping up with the market trend closely.

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