Yorkshire Water launches initiative under its ‘Beyond Nature’ scheme for young farmers

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To support young farmers looking to rent their land, Yorkshire Water has launched a programme under its existing Beyond Nature™ scheme.

As over 10% of farms are run by those under the age of 40 , with the largest proportion of growers being over 55 within the European Union, Washburn Valley-based Scow Hall Farmis the first farm to take part in the Beyond Nature™ initiative.

Yorkshire’s second largest landowner’s Beyond Nature™ scheme was launched way back in 2016 to support tenant farmers to deliver sustainable land management.

“After the first five-year lease, we will let the farm to another young farmer, therefore creating a cycle of opportunity for the next generation of farmers. Once the tenancy is up, we will assist that farmer with finding new opportunities on a permanent holding or elsewhere within the agricultural industry,” Lisa Harrowsmith, lead surveyor at Yorkshire Water, said.